I’m sick : ( I don’t like being sick. I have been sick since Monday…fighting it as best as I can….and losing. *sniffle* I really thought that I would feel better this weekend. I thought wrong. I had to cancel a session, since I figured my snoogie face may not inspire anyone to actually smile for the camera. *sigh* so what is a girl to do when she is home sick….well, nothing really. ’cause I am that sick. reading magazines seems to take too much energy. thank goodness for tivo. but really, even when you have that sick-fog floating around in your head, there is only so much reality tv a girl can watch, snoogies or no snoogies. So I ventured outside today with my little cup of shells that I collected from my trip to the beach last weekend, and shot to my heart’s content. I only lasted about twenty minutes before I felt like I may be dying….but at least that was twenty minutes not wasted watching Bret Micheals Rock of Love (because yes, I admit it, I tivo it).

Anywho….these images *should* be a sneak peek to the maternity session I was supposed to shoot yesterday, but since I am full of sniffles, you will need to wait until next week for those fun images. Until then, you get seashells.



2 Comments to “*sniffle*”

  1. Hope ya feel better soon!

  2. Sorry you’re under the weather, feel better soon!

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