An Obsession

I am obsessed with my pug, I can admit that. I never thought I would be one of those dog people. you know- the ones that have lots of breed specific stuff, is convinced that their dog’s breed is the best breed, that just won’t shut up about her dog. *sigh* somewhere in the last two years, I became one of them. The thing is, I have two other dogs…different breeds, definitely loved…just not obsession-worthy aparently. poor pups. Then a pug moved in. and my world changed. suddenly my home was filled with strange puggy noises. snorts. grunts. ummmm, LOTS of drunken-sailor snoring. maybe it is because she is a rescue that I have a soft spot for her. maybe it is because she reminds me of of the relationship I had with my dog milo, that I had to have put down after hurricane charley. maybe it is just that smooshy face, adn the curly wag. whatever it is, she has my heart. she has turned me into one of those dog owners. And so, do you think hubby will join me this weekend in a little pug obsession……..


a girl can hope, right?


One Comment to “An Obsession”

  1. Pug parade looks awesome. I hope you guys make it.

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