It’s In The Details

I SO believe that life is in the details. One of the best things that photography has given me is the ability to see the details in our world. I love details. Which is why I love macro work so much, It allows me to see our world up close, to see the details I may have otherwise missed. The more time I spend behind the camera, the more I notice the little things in my everyday. I don’t just see dirt. I see each grain, the patterns it makes on the ground. I see the veins in blades of grass. The grain in wood, the subtle differences in color. I see things I never saw before, and I love that more than anything.

Hubby plants sunflower seeds every year. Every year, I marvel at the size, the immense beauty of these flowers, and the sudden joy they seem to bring people. I love the fuzz on the stalks, and the way the buds look, as the petals begin making their effort to break free. But this year is the first time that I noticed the beauty within the flower….it is like flowers within the flower- so beautiful!



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