In The Family…

look what hubby shot the other day!!!


I’m so proud of him! AND, these crops were in camera! *for you non-photogs….when your eye is not trained to see things through a viewfinder, you have a tendancy to center things, not cut things in half (like the above picture)….it is not always easy to start seeing things more artistically. So I am so proud of him that he not only cropped these this way, but did it in camera! Yay hubby!!

On another note…hubby and I have alllll weekend to hang out together! I am so excited, it has been awhile since we have had a "real" weekend to spend time together. SO….wanna know what we are doing today??? Omg, I am so excited! We are going to Bodies, The Exhibition! I have wanted to go and see this for so long….hubby? notsomuch! I think he is a tad creeped out by it, but I find it absolutely fascinating! I finally wore him down and got him to agree to go when we saw that the exhibition was ending soon. So to Sarasota we go 🙂 Yay!


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