The Danger Zone….

do you have a danger zone? someplace, that no matter how hard you try to stay away, and not spend money, you are drawn like a moth to a flame? me too! my danger zone is Sephora. SUCH a danger zone. I go there with the intention of just getting one thing. I swear. but it is like a candy store for me!!! I looooove Sephora. love it. it gets me into so much trouble, but I am like an addict. I just can;t get enough! Thankfully, we don’t have a Sephora store close by. That could be beyond dangerous. but we have sweet sweet internet. bwaaahaha!

So…I gave my hubby the look. he got scared. I told him I was out of my two most favorite products, that I needed to restock. did I mention he looked scared. he confirmed that I was indeed out— you can never trust an addict :p!! So off to the world of www I went, in desperate need of my stuff!

So there I was, filling my imaginary cart with my most beloved product of all time…
       this stuff is AMAZING!!! I would be absolutely lost without this stuff. seriously. it is my secret weapon.
and my other fave…
      yeah,,,,I use hairspray. that is top secret info there! listen, when you have bangs, and crazy cowlicks, hairspray has to be your best friend. it just has to be! SO there you have it. I am a hairspray girl. But this hairspray? it rocks! it is amazing! I love his products, and especially this stuff. it is just awesome, nuff said.

SO….there I was, faced with a dilemma. my little fake cart was filled with teh two things I was sent to buy. the two things i was told to buy….and buy nothing else. *sigh* what is a girl to do? I ask you! Well, duh! fill the cart up!!! needless to say, I danced with my danger zone! I had fun! I shopped! And now I will stalk the mailman for all my girly goodies!!!

so, what is your danger zone?


2 Comments to “The Danger Zone….”

  1. You’re speaking my language Kristie! I love haircare products. My danger zone is My sister-in-law first told me about them and they have the neatest clothes that are trendy, affordable and still look good on people like me with realistic figures.

  2. omg…Faith! my hubby may hate you—I think you just introduced me to a new danger zone!!!! I need more money!

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