My Addiction is Fed….

ahhhhh, sweet technology! I was beginning to go through some serious withdrawals not having my computer! But I am happy to report that my computer is back in my possession!!!! woohooo!

It has been terrible not being able to upload all my photos from my weekend trip to Minnesota, especially seeing everyone else’s pics popping up. But finally I was able to upload tonight, and I just cannot resist sharing! Now i am sure youwould like to see the beautiful (and handsome) models we had…but I was forced to play with shots of all of my new friends first! Okay, maybe not forced….but I just couldn’t help it! I had such a good time with all of these awesome photographers, and I already miss them so much, I just had to look at some of their pictures!

These are all very behind the scenes! As a photographer, there is nothing greater than having the opportunity to watch your peers work. I can;t tell you exactly what it is…but there is just something special about it. *and of course…seeing all the chimping going on is just priceless!

      a stealth shot of Natalie Bacon…she will probably kill me when she sees it :p! this girl is good with seniors!

     and sweet southern girl Alisha Robertson…being a camera ho!

     Martha Bravo! ahhhh, where do I begin with Martha? One of the sweetest women around. I learned SO much from her in regards to exuding confidence….and of course, the proper way to say Miami *in Martha language= My Yammy! She has the cutest accent ever!

     our host, the one, the only…Mark Stein doing the thing he does best….he has the most amazing attention to detail, it was fascinating to see just how much he notices, and how big of a difference it makes with the final image.

      one of the coolest, nicest guys I have ever met (seriously!), Ken Deboe. Ken is SO nice…and so low key. He has an awesome way of integrating himself into the situation, in such a low key manner, and then you see the images he got and BAM! they are absolutely amazing!!!

      okay…so this is not the sharpest picture…but I just love it! we were shooting the cutie-pie Mariah, when poof! suddenly Ken appeared, took a shot of us shooting Mariah, and poof again!

      I am going to be so busted for posting this!!!! This is Carolyn Jones….one of the coolest chicks I have ever met! For real! She is the sweetest, funniest, craziest girl around! Every now and then you meet someone that you feel like you have known forever, and Carolyn is one of those girls! She may even break me of my phone phobia : )!!!

and finally…..the group shot, taken by the amazing Stacey Stein, Mark’s beautiful wife
        I have more shots to share…but that is all I got edited before I od’d on computer time! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!


3 Comments to “My Addiction is Fed….”

  1. Awesome photos Miss Kristie!! I’m sure you are so happy to have your computer back!!!! Can’t wait to see more of them!

  2. OMG Girl cannot believe you posted that shot of me!! LOL So glad you have your computer back! Miss you already.

  3. Smooches to my sweet shy little friend! But seriously that pic….not cute dude!

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