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February 11, 2008

One Very Cold Weekend

I had a fun, but cold weekend. I ventured off to Minnesota….yes, you read right- Minnesota in February. Ummmm, brrrrrrr! Friday I headed off to go meet and hang out with some awesome photographers, and learn from one amazing Senior photographer, Mark Stein. It was so incredibly fun to have the opportunity to hang out with so many other people that share the same passion, and have the chance to talk shop. There is nothing better than having the chance to learn and grow.

And the models Mark had for us? I DO NOT remember anyone in my highschool looking like that! These kids were gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I cannot wait to share some of the pictures I got….as well as some fun behind the scenes shots as well!

So……why are there no photos in this post? well, it is a sad day my friends 😦 My computer was just picked up, and is headed to the doctors for some tlc this week. I will hopefully have her back by this weekend….cross your fingers! And once I have her back, I can upload some shots from this amazing weekend!

* a Kulik Photography recommendation….avoid at all costs traveling to Minnesota in February. if you do not heed this advice, you will quickly learn about the need for seat warmers, the sensation of your nose-insides freezing, and the thought that perhaps you have frostbite on every part of your body *