Pug Curl


    I love the curl of a pug’s tail. it has got to be one of their cutest physical traits.

I am smitten with my pugger. it’s true. I suspect my other two pups resent me for it, and I can’t say that I blame them. and I love them bunches, really I do. but I just can’t help it. she has me under the pugger spell. there is no hope for me. she is girl’s best friend to the nth degree. she is my buddy. my shadow. I just love her to bits and pieces.

I can’t get enough of my pug. of her smooshed face. of her adorable little ears. of the crazy way she spins in circles when she sees that she is going for a ride. of the silly puggy noises she makes. but mostly, I can’t get enough of her little pug curl. the way she wags it, ever so slowly at first, as if she is unsure whether she is allowed to have fun, and then WAG. the furious wag of the curl. the realization that she is in a happy home…one that loves her and takes care of her. WAG. 


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