My Organizational Skills……

they stink. I am messy. I am organized, in my own crazy way….but it is a messy way! My desk usually looks like a mini tornado, or a five year old, has made a path right through my stuff.

So, I am all about sharing 🙂 The only reason I am showing these? Because I have finally FINALLY! managed to stay organized, and I am proud! And I can;t very well show you the afters without first showing you the befores, now can I?!

A disclaimer….these pictures are embarassingly bad!!! There is a reason you never see pictures taken in my house, especially in my little corner where my desk is….the light is horrendous! Terrible! Wretched! well, you get the point! The light- it’s bad. So…..are you ready to be blown away?! I introduce you to my former mess….

       are you ok? it’s scary, right?! yes, it is true….I worked in this! now, this next picture makes me laugh…you will notice if you look closely, not only do I work on my computer in this spot, but I also do my hair 🙂 you will notice my mirror and comb, my bottle of wonderful hair goo stuff. I multi-task!

okay…are you ready now…to see the glorious new work area that is mine all mine?

       can you believe it?! shocking, huh?!   
       and finally, a proper display of my cameras!
       ooooh! organization!!!!! love it! Oh, and no, your eyes are not tricking you…my desk is against two different colored walls….another reason you never see pictures from inside my happy little home; COLOR CASTS! ick!
       label makers are the best!!!

So there you have it! I am a reformed messy girl! I am going on two months now that my desk has stayed this organized- I think I deserve a gold star!


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