guess what hubby bought for me????? looooook!
        now, I am sure some girls may not think this is the bestest present….but when you have a past-time passion of shooting bug macros, well, a bug catcher is really a handy thing to have! Especially since my previous bug catcher is a plastic cup sith crude little holes poked in the side. I have two of those, one for work, and one for home- because you never know when you may encounter a cool bug, and yes, I am being serious. I really do have a bug cup sitting on my desk at work:)

SO…as if on cue, a bug appeared last night, as if knowing we just had to test this new contraption out. So hubby being the hero that he is…he caught this moth for me. Today we took him out to shoot- I was really nervous that he was going to fly away, but he was no calm! We placed him on the cactus, and he just hung out, and even changed poses a few times. Gotta love a willing model!


One Comment to “Bugs!”

  1. Oh how cool. I need a bug catcher too! And bugs we have no bugs here in winter.

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