Sweet Nature

This past weekend hubby and I ventured to Myakka State Park. Once again, we were off to huny for some bugs, and do some hiking. Now, let me tell you something…..Florida is bug central- until you actually want to find one. Then, all you can find is mesquitos and palmetto bugs *palmetto bugs = floridian cockroach. nuff said*
SO…a hunting we went. and found nothing. nada. Hubby says it is because we are on the trail, and obviously, the bugs are not going to hang out on the trail where they can get stepped on and stuff. We need to venture off the trail to find the good stuff. You would have thought he asked me to commit armed robbery! I was panic stricken. The horror!!! get off the trail? are you on crack? I am NOT going off the trail. In my mind, going off the trail is like breaking some sort of rule. The trail is there for a reason. And the reason is to keep us on it. You can’t just step off the trail, and wander off into the big bad woods. Did this man not remember the lessons the Blair Witch Project taught us?! STAY ON THE TRAIL.
I am not ready to go off the trail, I told him. I think, seeing the panic in my eyes, he knew not to push it. Until, that is, he heard an owl hoot. Apparently, hearing the owl was not enough…we had to find the owl. *sigh* Didn’t I mention I am not ready to go off the trail????? There was a dry stream bed next to the trail, and hubby convinced me we could not get lost, because the water followed the trail, so we just needed to stay near the stream bed. I saw how badly he wanted to see this owl….and I caved. I caved…..and I will never cave again people!!!!
Off we went into the woods, and all was fine and dandy. We were tracking the hoots, I was feeling very Jeff Corwin-like. We were in a bit of a clearing, with little leaves carpeting the forest floor. I paused. I looked down to check on the status of my adorable little sneakers, and oh sweet jesus. spiders. spiders. ummmmm, spiders. every time the leaves were rustled, there was a scurry of a bazillion little black spiders. PANIC. Frozen in place panic. No more being quiet for the sake of the hooter. oh no—–hubby!!!!!!! help me! save me! rescue me NOW!!!!! I looked to see where this wretched clearing of leaves could possibly end, and it seemed like football fields. In reality, I am sure it was more like 40 feet or so….but when you may just pee your pants out of pure terror, it sure seemed longer! I have never moved so fast in my life…and on tippy toes no less!!!!!

SO…i will be staying on the trail for now on. No more being an adventurer. nope. no way, jose!


One Comment to “Sweet Nature”

  1. The best things in life are found when you get off the trail, silly girl. 🙂 But I would have been tip toeing and screaming right along with you. 🙂

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