A Day Late & a Dollar Short…

…but HAPPY NEW YEARS! here is a little known fact…new years day happens to be one of my favorite holidays. there is something so yummy in knowing this is a fresh start. clean slate. do-over time. I love it! And there is no such thing as a resolution in this household…nope, we have new years goals…..they seem to stick better when they are goals. SO, I know that you desperately want to know what my goals are for 2008, so here you go my friends;

1. work on a happier and healthier marriage 🙂 because really, it is just that, WORK, and it is easy to slack on this.
2. get HEALTHY. *no, not skinny, but healthy. I have decided this is my year….I wasted all of last year unhappy about my weight….ummmm- stupid! To strive for skinny is to fail before even trying! I am no longer talking the skinny talk- nope, it is about being healthy, and learning to love the body that I am in- big or small.
3. do more things outdoors.
4. get my butt back to Costa Rica!!!
5. take snapshots….and lots of them! stop letting the moment pass me by because I am worried about the proper exposure and composition….there is a time and place for photographer me…..but when enjoying my life, she needs to go away so we can take snapshots!
6. get IN FRONT *gasp* of the camera more. yeah, really.
7. get my website done done done done!!!!! I sorta, maybe, might be slacking on this :p!

So there you have it….my goals. they are constantlly growing and changing….but that is them in a nutshell. I am working on a list of things I want to accomplish before I die….someone on a forum I am a member of linked a site where a few friends were on a journey to complete their lists……and I realized I don’t have one of these lists. I need one of these lists! And it is amazing, when you start to think about the things you want to do, and start listing them out…the motivation grows to actually do them! When the list is done…you will get an opportunity to suffer through it 🙂

Oh! and #7 on my goals? should be crossed off VERY soon. by the end of the weekend soon 🙂 I have a friend who is also building a site, and slacking right along with me….so we have decided that together, we WILL go live by Sunday. eeeps!

let me leave you with one of my favorite things…..
        see that? a snapshot AND me in front of the camera. what has the world come to?!?!


One Comment to “A Day Late & a Dollar Short…”

  1. Ohhhh, how can you not love a pug!?! So cute! I like your hair lighter…you look great! 🙂

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