Merry and Bright

the day after Christmas…….I hate it! Is it not the weirdest day? After all the hoopla that goes into the holidays, just poof! it’s gone. just like that. I don’t get it. why does it need to end so soon? Where did the cheerful christmas music go?! again, poof! gone. darnit.

Well…..I have decided to just keep on celebrating, even if that means I sit here alone, eating chocolates. whatever. Wanna know what I did on the day after Christmas? you do, right? I brought my pugger to the pug-doctor. my poor pugger has a urinary tract infection. awwww! how in the world does a dog get a uti? I have no freaking clue, but if any dog is going to get it, you better believe it will be my Punky. I am beginning to suspect that she is making herself sick just so she can go on car rides to the pug-doctors, because we have been there a LOT. but don’t feel too bad for her. She gets to take some medicine….wanna know why that is a good thing for her? she is smart. little miss smarty pants. she will. not. take a pill. no way jose. and here is the kicker….being a pug and all, she doesn’t have a snout, and no snout means no way for mommy to implement her pill-giving tactics. So know what that means? peanut butter. and lots of it. that is the only way she will take a pill. what a stinker!

Enjoy the remnants of your holiday!!!


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