Snapshots From My Day

SO, I have covered the good thing about being a photographer—seeing in a new way. The down side? Snapshots….I hate them. a lot. It is so ingrained in me to make sure exposure is just right, the composition is pretty, that the lighting is flattering. Makes it hard to take snapshots. But I am trying, because it is important to catch the everyday moments that make up our lives. Sometimes, if you are too focused on the details, you miss the moment. So today, I went with the intention of taking photographs, and gave up quickly and gave in to snapshots. I am so happy I did!!!

Today was Punky’s first day at the beach (technically, this is her second trip, but I have decided that the first trip didn’t count because a) I didn’t have my camera with me and b) we got rained out before we had a chance to enjoy it.) SO, today was her first day at the beach, got it?! And my goodness, the punky-doodle looooooooved it!!! She actually played with some other dogs, and daddy actually unleashed her! *gasp* I almost passed out when I saw him do that (he is beyond a nervous doggy owner). And she pranced and pranced and pranced.

Today was a good day to be a pug.

Dec23072web Dec23077web

             look at her go! She was so excited!

Dec230717web Dec230723web
           I think doodle left an impression on the beach 🙂


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