Worst Blogger EVER!

that’s me. the worst blogger ever! I have been neglectful of this poor little blog of mine…and I feel guilty! life has been getting the best of me…and then, just as an added bonus, I became plagued with two weeks’ worth of migraines ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely, yeah?

BUT, I am back! I have been a busy bee! There are changes it the air, and lots of inspiration filling me up! I will be utilizing the rest of my time off (the rest of this year) to get these changes rolling, and the start of the new year will be bringing lots of new stuff to Kulik Photography!

In the meantime……..I went a-wandering ๐Ÿ™‚ Surprisingly, these pics *sorta* have something to do with some of the upcoming changes….but you have to wait! (at least until my next post!). So off to Arcadia me, hubby, and hubby’s granma went. And into the bestest shop ever! I love antique shops. not so much the frilly, kinda creepy antiques, but the ones that you are not scared to touch! The ones that have really neat old run down chairs (photographers, you *know* what I am talking about with those chairs!!!). the ones that have the old school desks. and old cooking utensils. and everything in between! And that is exactly what this place had- everything!!!! and the best part? way back in the day, it used to be an old vaudville theatre!

ummmm, you better believe the camera came out!!!!!



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