yup, I have been MIA, and I will explain, I promise I will. But not tonight!!!! Sorry!

What I wanted to share with you is a little thing I am doing for hubby’s granma…..I am excited, as this is a place I can share it without her seeing…..because though she *knows* I am playing with her pictures, she is not very tech saavy, and I don;t think she realizes just how amazing her photos are going to look once I am through!!!!!

So….long story short, I am a bit of a photo snob. I love being a photographer,,,,but it has also made my standards VERY high. So I sometimes have a hard time with looking at photos that people have taken….I see what they could be, instead of what they are. SO….granma had a kick ass trip to Italy. A once in a lifetime trip…..and she took lots of pics. *sigh* I see them, and see what they could be…..and want to play!!!! SO, I got my hands on the disc tonight!!!!!! WoooooooHooooo! I think granma has NO idea just how beautiful these are turning out!

I want her to have kick ass photos to go with her kick ass memories…




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