ooooh, I love opening up the mailbox to goodies! LOVE IT!

      if you are anywhere near as nosy as I am, you clearly could care less about the actual package…you want to see the goods inside!
     two things I have been wanting for a bit, and now I have 🙂 the book- so I can be a better photographer (I hope I never stop striving to get better!) this book is supposed to be awesome in regards to learning to work with skin tones. And the cd. oh, sweet cd. I have wanted this damn thing for sooooo long! I watched a show on VH1 a while back called "I Trust You To Kill Me", a documentary that follows keifer sutherland and the band Rocco Deluca and the Burden. Well dammit, this band freaking ROCKS. They sound like nothing else that is out there right now. This man has a voice that is insane. it is eeire and sharp and right to the bones. LOVE THIS BAND. 🙂 I went on the hunt. Target. nope. Circut City. nope. KMart even. nope. No, I did not look in WalMart. Why? you may ask. because I am one of those people that considers that place an evil entity and WILL NOT go there. especially for music. don’t even get me started on what that place does to music. ANYWHO………I could not find this cd for the life of me! So I finally broke down and ordered it from the seriously most coolest store ever  Newbury Comics. Wanna know what their tag line is? For a wicked good time. Sigh. I love it! 


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