BooHoo pout

Ahhhhh, the pout. You have got to love a good pout face. It appears so simple…a protruded bottom lip. But appearances can be decieving my friends! A good pout is a science. You must practice, and practice hard. One is not simply born with this talent. Oh no. This trick of the lip requires patience, dedication, and of course, a sucker to fall for it. Otherwise, really, what is the point of a pout at all, other than to catch rain and passing insects that may get too close? Nope, the pout is something special. You cannot just poke that lip out there and expect something magical to happen. Uh-uh. You gotta woooork for it, and work hard. Once you master the pout, which can take years of training, some feel compelled to further their abilities, and master the puppy dog eyes, and then, if, and ONLY if, they can get those eyes down, the real trick comes out. The tears. Tears are tricky. It is easy for a seasoned pro to spot crocodile tears a mile away. Only the truly dedicated should set their sights on mastering the tears. But if you are able to master these things, world, looook out!!!

Meet Alyssa. She holds a master’s degree in the pout. And she is at the top of her class. This girl is gooood. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD, and I expect her to suceed in that venture very soon. Really, all I can say is, World, you better watch out. Alyssa will get you every time with those pouts of hers. See for yourself…..

         don’t we all have days like this. If only we could pout like Alyssa! I am having a boohoo pout day, and to look at this sweet face…it takes the boo out of the hoo.


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