How Big Was It?….

This big:








Okay…so first and foremost….credit where credit is due—- this fish was caught with Capt. Robert Moore of If you are ever in the Charlotte Harbor area and need to charter a fishing trip, Robert is the man to call. Not only is he an amazing fisherman, he is a superstar! For two years he has had the opportunity to fish in the coolest tournament…the ESPN Mad Fin Shark Tournament. look for it, and TiVo it! It is an awesome tournament. Yup, we hang with the big guns 😀
Plus, seriously, you should see him when he wears his space pants….out of this world!!!

The cutie in the blue shirt? That is my one and only. Awwwwww 🙂

So, you know how it usually works. The guys come home, they tell you about the fish they caught. And my goodness were they ever big. Not just big, but HUGE. Thiiiiiiiiis big. And we all know to simply nod our heads, give ’em a good pat on the back, and then walk away so they don’t see us rolling our eyes. Because, COME ON! We all know how fisherman lie. They lie BIG! It is nothing personal guys, it just is what it is. The rod in your hand does something to your brains. It makes you believe that that fish really IS that big. But I am here to tell you, it isn’t so. It was just a little itty bitty minnow, not a humungazoid shark.

BUT, in my world, they are not lies. Nope, in my world, I know better than to question hubby, because holy poo, I have seen the reels he goes out with. I can barely pick them up. Seriously. And the hooks? Ummmm, yeah, I choose to pretend like I haven’t seen them, cuz they make me wanna poo my pants they are so big and scary. I am not a fan of my hubby’s fishing habits. They scare me. For about three months, every year, the big scaries come out of storage, and they take over our lanai. For three months I am forced to face my fear, whether I like it or not. I must look at the hooks that make me think he must be trying to catch a bus. And in all honestly, though I do not like to think about it, that is pretty much the size of what he is going after. But like I said, I choose not to think about it too. much.

So off he went the other day, and this is what he caught. This is not what he was trying to catch, but that is the funny thing about fishing. You sorta don’t get to pick and choose what will end up on the other end of the line. So he didn’t catch THE big one on that day, but he did catch a big one. So his three months are coming to a close, and he has yet to catch his dream, but not without trying. His day will come, and believe me, when it does….you will read all about it here!!!


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