Ahhhhhh, hoopla. Ever feel like there is so much hoopla going on around you, you just get overwhelmed? Yup, me too. All the hoopla is my own, I am afraid to say, so I have overwhelmed myself! Shame on me! I am continuing on with getting everything up and completed with my photography—and considering I am a super perfectionist with this stuff, as well as being my own worst enemy, well—-things are slow going! I am also getting prepared to shoot my very first wedding next weekend. I am SUPER excited to have the honor of documenting Jamie and Jason’s day, and absolutely cannot wait to do our shoot and see what kind of fun stuff we can get! I am also scheduled to shoot another wedding in July, and I just signed up to attend a workshop in July as well. Yay!!! I am super duper excited to say that I am not only getting the opportunity to be around some super talent, I am going to get to be taught by the person that is at teh tippy top of my "list of people I want to be taught by"! None other than MyKee 🙂
Along with that hoopla comes person hoopla. Yeah,,,the worst kind! Never fun, is it?! Between being plaqued with continuous nightmares for more than a week, and trying to deal with my self esteem issues due to my weight…well, apparently I have not exactly been a peach to be around!!! Imagine that! And so, onward I go. Just like everything else in my life, I will rise above 🙂 I may just need a little push, and maybe a hug too!

And so….with all the hoopla, not too much shooting being done. So I present to you MORE dress details. Sorry! I just can’t tell you how much I love love love the little details…I am definitely a macro girl true and true!





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