Surrounded by Angels

So I have posted this once before…but I am posting about it again πŸ™‚ A while back hubby and I discovered the most amazing artist, Augusto Sanchez. He creates the most incredible art that just screams to you. I am unable to turn away from his angels, they are just the most beautiful, mysterious, peaceful creatures. And his art is mixed media, so you just want to reach out and touch them all. There is just such emotion behind these angels, you cannot help but be mesmerized. Sadly—hubby and I are poor folk πŸ˜€ I would sell a kidney for one of his angels…but I cannot afford the procedure (remember? I’m poor folk) So, I must settle for his prints. Augusto makes his art affordable for everyone~ you can buy a 16×20 print for $50, for a fraction of the cost of the original you can have a print made, and he then adds the mixed media effects to the print—these prints look JUST LIKE the original! Or, you can be lucky and buy an original. In case there is anyone rich out there…my birthday is next month πŸ˜‰ Okay—I swear I don’t work for Augusto…I just really looooove his art and think everyone should check out his work and have an angel on their wall! Go check out his stuff—ASTREAAZUL (if you have dial up, you might be screwed 😦 I can only view his site on my work computer.) Anyways…go look and buy!

So the point of this post? I got more angels! YAY! Hubby thinks that I stalk poor Augusto (I admit, I have quite a weak spot for the latin boys πŸ˜‰ but I swear…his art is killer! So finally he was at an art festival in our area…so to Sarasota we went, and hunted down my angels. My birthday is next month, and this was to be my present. So hubby put the stern foot down and restricted me to two angels. JUST TWO *gasp* how is a girl to choose???? Well guess what? Hubby was then swept up by the spell of the angels and he could not decide either. So happy birthday to me! We got four angels, plus two special little gifts from Augusto for my b-day as well as some very encouraging words regarding my photography (he has visited my little blog here…Could a girl be any happier???? So now, I am surrounded by my angels. I LOVE them…simply the best birthday presents I could ask for. Thank you hubby, and thank you Augusto!





      as far as the quality of my pics…ignore the bottom right shadows! I took these really quick in a small room, with the prints sitting on the floor~not the most ideal setting 😦  Also…I added the titles and his name to these…that would not normally be there.

So once again…go check Augusto Sanchez out! ASTREA AZUL the page takes a moment to load…be patient, it’s worth the wait :)!


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