Daring Rescue Mission

Ahhhh, the theme. What’s that???  I think that it is naturally ingrained in my genetic make up to rebel!
So this little beauty is a brand new butterfly. I love these guys~ they look even more fragile than a not-new butterfly. Their wings are all smooshed up from being crammed in a cacoon, they are dazed from suddenly being exposed to this crazy little bug world, basicallt they don’t know what the heck is going on. I discovered this little girl on Monday, clinging to our cactus while she acclimated to her new world. Obviously, I got my camera. Well, I quickly discoved problem #1…anyone who has been keeping up with this blog knows that I dislocated my knee a month ago. WELL~ you try kneeling on the ground in an ackward position while trying to get the shoot of said brand new butterfly. Hmmmmm….nope. I bet you are thinking this is where the dramatic rescue mission comes in. WHO is going to get Kristie up off the ground???!!! Sorry to disappoint. I grumbled and groaned (and I think yelped too) and got myself up—with no good shots. 😦 Oh well…I was okay with giving up a shot to save my knee. Priorities, ya know?
Tuesday came around, and guess who was still hanging around? I think she was mad she got jipped out of her photo shoot. Damn it! What was I saying about priorities? So I shot through the pain—and still didn’t get any great shots. I had to shoot in auto…couldn’t handle fiddling with the controls while trying to keep my knee where it is supposed to be, plus the lighting was poor and I was hand holding. Don’t worry, I am getting to the rescue mission…but first check her out~ The post processing looks inconsistant because it is…I am finally playing with my Itty Bitty Actions that I bought months ago, so I had some fun….



      I have no idea what happened to this one. When i resized for the web, it got that crinkly look. Strange.

      So there she is in all her beauty. Until I came home from work on wednesday. Yup, we are finally at the daring rescue I have been teasing you with. I got home from work yesterday, and she was gone. I figured she had finally flown away. Wrong. It has been pretty windy here, and the cactus she had been clinging to happened to be close to our pond. See where this is going? 😦  I was heartbroken when I saw her. All I could see was her wings, her body and head were under a leaf. I just knew she was dead. How could she not be? The water is cold. Her head is under slimy leaves and pond algea. And she is a delicate butterfly for peat’s sake! I couldn’t handle just leaving her there, so I got a little stick to fish her out, preparing to do my first butterfly funeral. Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Her little legs started moving and she clung to my stick! I got her out and her whole head was COVERED in yuckies. I rinsed her little face with (clean) water droplets from the hose, and she just clung to my finger. I got her all cleaned up—anyone ever tried to bathe a butterfly? I don’t recommend it! I have my plant that is being occupied by my little catapillars in the lanai…so in we went. I coaxed the girl onto a leaf, and she is still there. She is all dry and has been pumping her wings…a good sign i think. If she is still doing good when I get home today I might try to get some more shots. I didn’t want to stress her out any more yesterday by shoving my lens in her face, I figured she might not appreciate that too much!

By the way…what do you think of my new watermark? Can you believe it has taken me this long to realize how to adjust the opacity????


4 Comments to “Daring Rescue Mission”

  1. Ok… you are a true writer. That story was hilarious. I was ready to cry with you about a butterfly!! I’m glad she is doing well.
    The pictures are wonderful. I love the way the green is predominant in all of the pictures. The orange from the wings is a perfect compliment. Great job!

  2. Your entry is cracking me up!! Bathing a butterfly?? 🙂 These shots are great. I actually like the “crinkly” look in that one pic. It looks like you applied a filter from PS and intended it to look like that. So, go with it! 😉 The dof and color are amazing in these.

  3. beautiful butterfly. Love the colors.

  4. truely amazing colors! And the focus is great. You really did a nice job and your post is funny..thanks for making me smile!!

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