Week Four….how many more?????

Phew! This is some hard work! Even with the weekly theme suggestions…it is HARD! Hard to keep up with, hard to find stuff to shoot, hard to take the time to upload….it is alllllll hard. But sooo worth it! I am learning all sorts about myself, and all the other Peas, and every time I shoot in manual I remember how just last month I was terrified of it! Yay me. So, this week’s theme is water. Lucky me 🙂 I just so happen to live in Florida…water everywhere! So let’s start with my backyard…

     manual  f/5.6  1/50  iso125    that’s my dock. Isn’t it pretty? Hubby and friends built it a couple years ago to replace the yucky one we used to have. Sadly, on a fairly regular basis I forget just how lucky I am to live where I do. We see dolphin often. Actually, very often. We have seen manatees. Huge groups of stingray. Itty bitty glowing jelly fish. Phosphorus in the water~which is the most amazing thing EVER…imagine everything glowing the most beautiful green. Before hurricane Charley, there was a HUGE alligator living too close. Thankfully, Charley seems to have relocated it…the only good outcome of that damn storm;) We have a great variety of fish to catch (and release, of course!). And with the water comes the water birds. Ducks of all sizes. Egrets. Osprey. We really are very lucky.

     manual  f/3.5  1/10  iso125     Does this work? I am looking for honesty!! This was basically a crap picture, but I felt like playing, so I played. Does it work, or should it make it’s way towards the recycle bin????

     manual  f/3.5  1/40  iso125    My mom-in-law got this candle for us for christmas and it is so pretty, and smells gorgeous. I don’t want to burn it, it is too pretty! I couldn’t get my white right, so I converted it. Any and all CC and HHCC is more than welcome!


9 Comments to “Week Four….how many more?????”

  1. I think they all work – great photography!

  2. WOW I love the one of the Gerber daisy! LOVE it!

  3. Okay, love the flower!!! Good composition and color, really drew my eye.

  4. beautiful colors and sharpness!

  5. Wow, your back yard is gorgeous. Love the clarity of your shot and your deck looks pretty awesome too!

  6. You ARE lucky. I would love to come home to sit back there every day. How in the world do you get anything done?
    The deck is groovy- your DH should be proud. Nice job in Manual~you’re really getting the hang of this!

  7. Wow, I want to live where you do! And the wildlife you described sounds amazing.

  8. Boy do I miss our talks and laughs on that dock!
    I miss them too!!!!

  9. Seeing the dock makes me a little sad, but happy at the same time. What a beautiful angle! I loved the flower, beautiful colors. I also liked the candle. Your black and whites are always good.

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