Playing Catch Up!

Ahhhhhh, desperation. Who knew it would set in quite so quickly with this challenge? Anyone who is not participating probably thinks this is easy. Believe us when we say IT ISN’T!!!! I have ignored this week’s recommended theme of "show us your hometown"…my town sucks. That is pretty much the only way to state it. The only good thing around here is all the water…which happens to be next’s week theme….so I am saving it! So here are my photos from the week….


      Okay, I didn’t actually take this one, hubby did! I was really proud of him because this was a tricky shot. This little orchid is actually in our frog tank, so it is tricky getting the camera in there. And then to make it worse, it is directly under a fleurescent light, so it can be super hard to not get a purple tint…but he did it! Yay hubby!
      And now…my desperation! I spent some time on the floor….

     manual  f/3.5  1/1  iso125   I know this pic is far from perfect, the focus is definitely off. BUT- this totally shows poor Punky after a tuff trip to the vet’s. She was so upset and moped the whole day!!

     manual  f/4  1/3  iso125    told you I was desperate! I love this ball…Koda has had it for years, and when we first bought it for him it scared him so much. Everytime you squeezed it it would say "he shoots, he scores!" and there was the roar of a crowd—scared the crap out of him! I had to get on the floor and play with it to show him it was okay…and now it is one of his faves!

      manual  f/4.5  iso125   There is absolutely NO WAY you can spend time on the floor without Tinker making her way over!

     manual  f/3.5  iso125   I love Koda’s feet…they’re so furry.

     manual  f/3.5  1/2  iso125   Another one that is less than perfect…but look at that face! I love him!

     manual  f/3.5  1  iso125   Tinker NEEDS to have this bell on her collar. Why? She is such a trouble maker, it lets us know where she is all the time!!

     manual  f/3.5  1/4  iso125    look at that cute little pink nose! Tinker is a Maltese, but she is lucistic…a form of albino. She has pale eyes, and pink skin. Some people think she is funny looking. I think she is so adorable!!

     manual  f/3.5  1/50  iso125   what’s with the duck? Well, when you get your order from Pixel2Canvas, you also get your very own duck. How appropriate mine had a crown!

     manual  f/3.5  1.6  iso125   one more shoe for you. I was bored, what can I say?  Remember, hhcc is always appreciated!!!


4 Comments to “Playing Catch Up!”

  1. Oh, I love his nose! Very nice shot!

  2. I love your blog, and your sense of humor! I’m glad I was able to spend some time looking through all your posts that I’ve missed šŸ™‚ Your fluffy dog is SOOO cute!!! I loved all your pictures to describe you…loved seeing inside your med.cabinet šŸ™‚ I’d be scared to share what’s in my med. cupboard! TFS…have a wonderful weekend! Can’t offer CC, your pictures look great to me!

  3. Thanks guys!!! Adrienne…I am soooo guilty of peeking at people’s med cabinets, I figured I might as well put it out there!!

  4. Love all of these shots. They are beautiful. Love all the puppy shots. They are so sweet. I love the story about the soccer ball

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