Happy Shoes

I love these shoes so much! I just think they are the cutest things, and when I look down at my feet when I am wearing them, they make me happy.
In case you haven’t noticed…I am rebelling against the calander this week :D! My town is too boring, plus I am a dork and never really go anywhere, so the pics would be super boring. So this week is all about randomness!

     manual  f/3.5  1/3  iso400  flash used
This was a bit overexposed, but I like the overall look after some pp-ing. So my question is this…how do you compensate for the flash when shooting in manual? Manual is very new to me, and I pretty much never use a flash, so this was all new-and confusing- to me. Any advice?


9 Comments to “Happy Shoes”

  1. Hey Kid, Try and put a tissue in front of the flash just a single ply even toilet paper single ply it dispurses the light evenly instead of head on! Give it a shot.

  2. I have no ideas on over exposing, but I really like this picture. It is great!

  3. Great shot! It has so much texture!!!

  4. great shot.

  5. Fun shot. Does your camera have flash compensation setting? If not the tissue thing works.

  6. Very cool angle. Great shot.

  7. Nice shot. great angle

  8. I like the DOF of this shot. Very cool!

  9. Very cool! Love the DOF!

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