New Old Stuff

I love old stuff! I love going to antique shops –real antique shops, not the ones that just have the sign, but are actually just filled with yard sale crud- I just think it is the neatest thing to see these super old items and try to imagine what life they were a part of before they ended up on a shelf. I wonder about the hands that used to hold these items, the sentiments attached to these items. They have a life of their own. So while up in Georgia, we found some time between my dislocated knee and runny nose to visit a couple shops…and boy did I make a find!! I shelf full of old photography gear. Woo-hoo! There were cameras, light meters, filters, stuff I didn’t even recognize. Jackpot!!! With little puppy dog eyes I looked up to hubby, pushed my lower lip waaaaay out, and fluttered the eyelashes. He just rolled his eyes and said "go ahead". I love that boy!!! So today I figured i would start with the light meter find. I am assuming the top pic is a light meter, but if anyone can actually tell me for sure what it is you would make me very happy! All the tag said was "German camera part". I just know it looked neat, and I wanted it!

HHCC is what I am looking for :D! I am thinking I need an alien bee—who wants to get me one???, natural light does not seem to cut it with the white background, does it? One pink alien bee is going to the top of my "need" list!

     auto  f/3.5  1/8  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/13  iso100     I wasn’t going to post this one as the white is sooo yucky looking, but a) maybe someone will see what I did wrong and help me NOT do it next time, and b) this shows the whole piece, anyone know what it is?

     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100



     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100


     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100



11 Comments to “New Old Stuff”

  1. I have no idea what that first one is… but they both look so cool! I love antique stores too!

  2. First off congrats on the great finds. Love old stuff too. Can’t give you any cc with the white, I struggle with this myself, never can seem to get it right. The photos are great even with white not being exactly right.

  3. What great finds! I love these images- the DOF and color is great.

  4. Nicely done. Looks like a professional shot or an ad. Great Job. No CC from me because its pretty perfect.

  5. what a great find! can you imagine the photographs that must’ve been taken with this equipment?? so fun!

  6. What great finds, lucky you! I need to find some off the beaten track antique shops, as I collect old cameras….

  7. Love your old equipment. How neat. I think your photos are great of them. Love the crops on some of them.

  8. Very cool photos. Great angles. Great shots

  9. Such great stuff to take pictures of! I love the DOF in these.

  10. Great shots, love the colors and the DOF. Very nice

  11. I love your photos….this one is my favorite…

    They are all so cool!!!

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