Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines…

the challenge, for me, has officially begun! Yay! I am behind and playing catchup…so here is week 2–Introducing myself:

I thought I would start with my bathroom. Yup, the bathroom. It is weird, I know, but I think my nathroom definitely shows my quirkyness in all of its glory…

     manual  f/22  1.6  iso100

     I couldn’t decide which version I liked better.
     manual  f/22  1.3  iso100

     auto  f/3.5  1/40  iso100

     auto  f/3.5  1/13  iso100

     manual  f/22  1.3  iso100
so that is what my bathroom is decorated with. seriously. now, what better way to get to know someone than to open up their medicine cabinet…oh-come on! you know you do it too!!

     auto  f/3.5  1/25  iso100
Now, here are some of my favorite things……

     auto  f/3.5  1/80  iso100        I have been called a water snob…guilty as charged šŸ™‚ This water is the BEST!

     manual  f/8  1/2  iso100    I love honey, just pour it on a spoon and I am one happy girl!

      manual  f/16  1.3  iso100    my signature scent…I have been wearing it for years and just love the earthy smell.

     manual  f/16  2.5  iso100     this is the only item I have that belonged to my Bucki…I cherish this item more than anything else.

     manual  f/8  1/3  iso100     my favorite color is pink. Love it!!

     manual  f/8  1/2  iso100    mmmmm, Moxie. My most favorite treat. I love when I am able to get my hands on this stuff…and New Englandas out there?!

      manual  f/8  1/1  iso100     Costa Del Mars…the best sunglasses on the planet, as well as my most favorite obsession.


     meet my photo studio…isn’t it beautiful??? I always wonder how other people set up their shots, so I figured I would share my set up. Pretty fancy-schmancy, huh?!

TFL!! HHCC is moooore than welcome! I know that my whites came out dark, but I am not sure why. I shot almost all of these in manual, which is a HUGE step for me…but I wonder if that is the cause of the not white background, or if it was simply the lighting-all natural, and not much of it. As I type this, I am realizing I probably could have adjusted my white balance? Well, either way, all the help I can get would be awesome!!    


2 Comments to “Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines…”

  1. I think you’re right about White Balance. Ever since I’ve been making the proper adjustments to mine (almost always set up a Custom White Balance), the colours have been working quite well. Try it…
    LOVE the can of pop shot!

  2. wow!!! these totally look like product shots!

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