Hardhats at the Ready…

I am under construction…well, my blog is anyways. I was ready for a change, but I don’t know that I am liking this much more so be prepared if colors keep changing! I figured it was time for a change since this blog is going to take a bit of a new turn~~~ I have signed myself up for one heck of a challenge- one year, 365 days, 365 photos. phew…I get tired just thinking about it, but I am going to do this!! It is pretty simple, take a photo a day (POTD) and post them here for the Peas, and the world, to see! We have the option of following along with a calender…a new theme for each week- and I think that is what I will do to help add structure to this so I do not get too overwhelmed. I have not decided yet whether I will post daily, or a couple of times a week, but either way this blog is about to get lots of action 😉  Speaking of which…did you know I have only had this blog for a few months, and I already have had over 1,000 viewers??? That is amazing- thank you everyone for showing an interest in my world and my passion!!


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