100 things about me…

The theme for week 2 of the photography challenge is Introducing Yourself to the Peas…well, since I just joined yesterday and haven’t had a chance to shoot anything I figured I would jump on the blog bandwagon and start off with the 100 things list. I have actually been working on a similar list after being inspired by an Ali Edwards layout…it is NOT as easy as it looks!!! Here goes…
1. I consider my three doggies my children 🙂
2. I love to scrapbook…though I don’t think I am very good at it!
3. I find myself listening to more and more country music…what has become of me?!
4. I overuse the exclamation point! (see?)
5. My favorite bands are Tool and Dave Mathews Band—strange combo, huh?
6. I tend to be an envious person.
7. My favorite color is pink.
8. I love to drink tea, especially when I need comforting.
9. I sleep like a rock…someone could steal my bed out from under me and I would never know it!
10. I have a bazillion insecurities and dream of one day being okay with the person I am.
11. I used to be terrified of computers.
12. I hate to cook, but love to bake.
13. I have an insanely addictive personality.
14. I stopped drinking when I was 21—backwards, I know 😉
15. I am married to a fisherman.
16. I hate living in Florida…but I am stuck here because of #15.
17. We (hubby&me) would move to Costa Rica tomorrow if we could.
18. I am afraid of the dark, and heights, and spiders, and….well, nuff said!
19. I collect Buddha statues.
20. I am scared of bugs, but I love to photograph them.
21. I have obsessive compulsive disorder. You would think my house would be cleaner…but it’s not ;)!
22. I never answer my phone…it drives hubby nuts!
23. I cannot stand doing household stuff…laundry, dishes, dusting…I am definitely not a housewife!
24. I never cook dinner…hubby always does it. (spoiled?!)
25. I have bad knees, and hips, and wrists…and I am not even 30 yet!
26. I dislocated my knee last week.
27. I LOVE to swim….loooove it!
28. My inner-thermostat doesn’t work right~~~I get super hot all the time…fog my sunglasses up hot, sweat dripping down the back hot—yup, it sucks.
29. I fear the dentist…but love going to the office to chat with the girls 🙂
30. I love the Muppets, my favorite is Pepe the King Prawn.
31. I think the Dalai Lama is one of the most incredible human beings walking the earth.
32. I grind my teeth so badly that I have broken teeth doing it.
33. Have I mentioned that we would drop everything to move to Costa Rica???
34. I live with one hubby, three dogs, and seven red eyed tree frogs.
35. I love getting mail.
36. I am a magazine slut—I have way too many subscriptions.
37. I wish I had spent more time with my Bucki.
38. I used to be itty-bitty skinny, and now struggle with being overweight.
39. Hubby and I go to counseling every week…and LOVE it!
40. I am smitten with my pug.
41. I am a horror movie junkie.
42. Sometimes I wish I lived on a farm…strange considering I don’t do mornings, don’t like the smell of poo, and kinda like being girly.
43. One of my biggest pet peeves is people driving and talking on the phone.
44. I am soooo not social.
45. I have two tattoos…and plan on getting a big back piece next year.
46. I wish I never got one of those tattoos (I don’t want a tramp-stamp!)!
47. Hubby and I do not want children.
48. I am supposed to wear glasses, but don’t.
49. I have a terrible habit of not paying attention when I should.
50. I hated the whole high school experience with a passion. A PASSION.
51. I cannot stand fake people. If I do not like you…you will know it- no matter who you are.
52. I desperately wish the days of good customer service would come back…what ever happened to someone asking you how you are, or wishing you a good day???
53. I think Tivo is the best thing ever!
54. I love the sound of my dogs snoring.
55. I am a surprisingly good defensive driver
56. I love my little feet.
57. I am a total klutz…walk into walls, trip over my feet, hit my head on cupboards…the works!
58. I cannot stand being around people who are drinking, even if they are not drunk.
59. I have a gynormous tarpon mount in my house…and HATE it every time I look at it!
60. I have a tendency to become overwhelmed with other people’s suffering…I take empathy to the nth degree.
61. I would give anything to have a swimming pool.
62. I cry when I am feeling very sick.
63. I love good shampoo.
64. I would love to be a heavy machinery operator for a day…strange, but true.
65. I wish I could spend more time with my dad.
66. I procrastinate like no other.
67. I cannot be trusted with a credit card—hubby has to keep them hidden.
68. I am jealous of sibling relationships that other people have…I wish I could have had that experience with my brother.
69. I refuse to cook soup in the microwave…soup should be warmed on a stove top, that is that!
70. I have a hard time learning new things…though it wasn’t always like that.
71. My mind always goes straight to the worst case scenario.
72. I quit smoking two years ago. Sometimes, I dream of smoking.
73. I miss my best friend.
74. I miss my flat stomach too.
75. I am proud of how I turned out.
76. I am proud of all the work hubby and I did on our house and how great it turned out.
77. I curse too much while I drive.
78. I worry that I hold myself back.
79. I do not forgive easily.
80. I really like my job.
81. I loooove my Mom’s yearly visits.
82. I wonder if I will ever feel like an "adult".
83. I have a doggy that refuses to poop outside. I am serious.
84. I still count using my fingers…even when doing my checkbook.
85. I consider lying to be one of the worst things ever.
86. I can be selfish.
87. I love pj pants.
88. I tend to not befriend women.
89. I plan on going back to Costa Rica next year…yay!
90. I am proud of my photography passion.
91. I love the possibilities that a bookstore holds.
92. I HATE walmart…evil empire is all I’m sayin’.
93. I try to avoid political and religious discussions at all costs…almost always results in BAD.
94. I cannot dance. It is frightening.
95. I wish I could dance.
96. If I eat too much cantaloupe I break out in hives. Cantaloupe is my favorite fruit.
97. I cannot keep secrets.
98. Apparently, I have avoidance issues.
99. I wish I could be really good at something.
100. I do not plan on making any more lists like this. EVER. AGAIN.


3 Comments to “100 things about me…”

  1. I’m very surprised! That is a long list… Wish I knew that much about myself and still wanted to share it! 🙂 Your so funny!

  2. thanks for sharing!
    i need to do one, i guess {sigh} THE PEER PRESSURE!!

  3. So much of your list are things I find in myself. That is one reason I love you so much! You’re awesome!

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