A rabid squirrel, a coyote, and a banjo…

…welcome to Georgia. We hopped in the car at 11:00pm thursday night and started the long trip to my dad in northern Georgia. Ooooh, the photographic possibilities! New scenery! Barns, and shacks, and horses, cows, hip hip hooray! I have been looking forward to this for some time. And, my dad live on a mountainous hill ( a really STEEP hill ) so lots of exercise too—yay! Ready for the drama? While walking around in the rain with the pups, we decided to walk the hill. On the way back up we stopped, and out came a rabid squirrel, followed by a crazed coyote, and then….well, okay. None of that actually happened, I just thought it would add to the drama. So wanna know what really happened?…We paused on the hill, and there I stood oh-so-casually, looking all cute and stuff, when kerplop I went. One moment I am standing, the next I am on the ground screaming…my knee has decided to dislocate, it is no longer on the front of my leg, but bulging out the side. Poor hubby is trying to figure out what just happened to me, and then trying to convince me that he has to leave me for a second so he can put our dogs inside so he can pick me up. Out runs my dad and step-mom, then a car comes down the hill-did I mention there is NEVER any traffic on this little road…only when I am screaming at the top of my lungs and cannot move—I love the way that works 🙂 So somehow hubby manages to get me to move slightly and the knee pops back in…holy freakin’ owwwwwwww. So now I am all wounded. I never knew a knee could swell up so much! So now I have a big, puffy, black and blue knee, in lots of pain, walking with a can and a brace, and I am on vacation. Oh, and I woke up sick this morning. Welcome to georgia 😀 All the drama aside, we are actually enjoying ourselves, and have managed to still get a few pictures. Even hubby was allowed to use the camera-see what pain will do to a girl?! So all the ones with the "R" were taken by him, all post-processing by me. Hope you enjoy!












2 Comments to “A rabid squirrel, a coyote, and a banjo…”

  1. these are gorgeous- and I LOVE your logo on the border!!!!!

  2. I am such a bad cousin and fan! I have neglected your site since before Christmas. How stupid of me, since your site clears my mind of bad things going on around me and gives me a place to go and peek inside the lives of my favorite cousins. I LOVE all of your pictures.

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