This and That

Somehow I forgot to add one of my scavenger hunt entries…


     Don’t you just love poinsettias? We bought a TON of them for our courtyard…they look so pretty!
So I don’t know about anyone else…but are the holidays feeling like a big tornado this year or what?! And I don’t even buy presents! Somehow it just seems more hectic this year-I JUST mailed out my cards yesterday. Bad slacker! I cannot believe Christmas is next week, and then it will be ove šŸ˜¦ It may be hectic~but I love it! Listening to the chipper-cheery music and all the pretty lights…absolutely looove it.

So while my mom was here we HAD to go out to Boca Grande-our most favorite place- and of course we picked shells. It is so funny to realize all of the different ways photography affects my life~~~I look at the world entirely different-basically I look through the world through my lens, always analyzing situations to see if they are photographic…so when I went shelling I noticed that my "good-shell standards" have changed! Now they are chosen for their photographic qualities!!!





One Comment to “This and That”

  1. Your work is awesome!!!
    Thank you for all your sweet words and encouragment.
    Blessings, Daphne aka Mogley šŸ™‚

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