Little Bucki Wings…

Okay, listen very closely for a moment…I am about to reveal a very hidden tidbit about me…ready? I love to bake! Ha! There-I have said it. Now, I know what you are thinking…you are thinking of the girl that cannot cook. The girl who fears the kitchen and relies her hubby to feed her. Yeah, that would be me…I have also blown up a casserole dish while I was within inches of it, tried to cook a frozen pizza on the cardboard, and discovered that Top Ramen is flammable. I know- who woulda thunk it?! But baking is different…it is fun, relaxing even. Especially holiday baking. So this year I decided to tackle a recipe that I have been fearing for a couple of years…my Bucki’s (grandmother) apricot horns-big fat YUM. Let me tell you-these things are scary, at least to me. Cookies? Bring ’em on! Bread? You betcha! Big fat yummy apricot horns? Run for the hills! But I just had to try. After all, I had to make a big recipe trade to get these…so I should at least make a futile attempt. And you know what? Not only did I do it, I freakin nailed it! I swear there were little Bucki angel wings flapping in my kichen, sending me encouragement! I do believe that Bucki would be proud of me…..


      Clearly, these qualify for my scavenger hunt…talk about being full of glee at accomplishing this!







     Yum-Yum-Yum! Plus, little busy bee me also made fudge, sugar cookies with royal icing, and my very favorite, mexican chocolate crinkle cookies! Yup- I told you I like to bake. Now don’t go telling everyone- I have a reputation to keep 😉


One Comment to “Little Bucki Wings…”

  1. I saw these on 2Peas – Awsome photos! Those look so yummy!!
    I was scrolling through your photos – I love your photography!!
    See you soon

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