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December 11, 2006

All or Nothing

Pc094571alt5x7web  Okay, so first I am MIA…then you get me two days in a row~I love keeping people on their toes! So guess what I did yesterday? I made my first big photog mistake. We (me, hubby, mom and granma) go out to my most favorite beach yesterday. Ooooh, the photo opportunities! They had the lighthouse all decorated with garland and wreaths and bows. There was a huge iguana chilling out outside of his hole-totally posing for me, I swear! Yup, it was a good picture taking day…if only I had remembered to put the memory card back in the camera 😦 Dumbass! I was so mad—but I figure this is one of those mistakes you make only once! Anyways, I have new stuff for you! You are excited, aren’t you?


     A nice low tide allows me to scratch one more of my scavenger hunt list!


     Decisions, decisions. I just couldn’t choose between these two for village. I generally am not a huge fan of the christmas villages everyone displays, but this one was so cool! Come on-it has a trailer and a starbucks! What more could you ask for?



     Okay, so technically it isn’t a stairwell…but it is close!







     Don’t you love Selby Gardens?!

December 11, 2006


Have you missed me? I have been a bit MIA and therfore totally slacking on this blogaroo. The holidays have a way of doing that, don’t they?! I have desperately been trying to figure out what to do for christmas cards…I am a true procrastinator at heart 😀 I have the picture, not enough paper, and no ooomph. Plus, my mom is visiting for a week, so who wants to blog when you have company?! Plus, it is the holidays…need I say more?!

We went to Selby Gardens over the weekend, so I have LOTS of pictures, I just haven’t gone through them all yet. But I do have a couple…

Pc094564alt5x7web Pc094565alt5x7web