Through all of the craziness of life this past month or so I have discovered an amazing artist. His name is Augusto Sanchez and he creates the most amazing paintings of angels. When you view his work you want to run your fingers over it…it has amazing detail and he adds three-dimensional accents. Sadly…I am one of the poor folk       😦 But I managed to convince hubby-okay, technically I suppose the right verb may be ordered-to buy me a print. So many to pick from! But I settled on "Butterflies in the Stomach", which is on the poster above. If I was rich I would have bought every piece he had on display…but, as I said…poor folk. Oh well, this has become my new reward system~~~lose the weight and I can buy more prints…skinny here I come! If you get a chance go check out his site… ANGELS 


One Comment to “angels”

  1. Welcome back, I got an Idea how bout a shot of the new puter with no screen reflection. How’s that for a challenge.
    Luv ya both

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