I’m back! Yay! Did you miss me? Oh, come on-don’t be shy…you can tell me! You did, didn’t you?! Well I sure missed you 😉 Life with no computer sucks…ask hubby! I think I may have driven him a bit crazy. Well, the suckiness of life is finally turning around in my world. And if I do say so myself-it is about damn time! Basically, photography grounds me. It is a piece of my sanity. And unfortunately when you are dealing with digital photography it sorta depends on the computer. I can take pics…just can’t get ’em out of the camera. And that’s where things got poopy. However…I am back. I have a brand spankin new laptop. It is sooo pretty, and shiny, and pretty. Can you tell I love it? And my goodness do I loooove the person that made it possible for me to get it…you know who you are~and THANK YOU. So I am officially back up and running. And guess what…I have taken barely any pictures. What the-??? Apparently you cannot just snap your fingers and suddenly all of your stuff is installed in the new computer. And here I thought technology was such a wonderful thing. Go figure. So I have been busy installing all of my programs, and then reinstalling since I had a bit of a problem with one of my photo editing programs. And then I had to install all of my fonts. I am a font slut in case you did not know this about me already. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a wide variety of fonts? So now I am officially ready to become the mighty blogger once again. And since I don’t really have any new pics to share I have wiped the cobwebs away and broken into my little vault. I hope you enjoy!

By the way…make sure to check out the post below this one…awesome artist alert!


I love this picture…this is little Tinker’s faaaaavorite toy. I had to take this one for a challenge titled "the games we play"







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