I love Novacaine

Yup, Novacaine is my friend, my very best friend! That’s right. I finally went back to the dentist after being cancelled FOUR times. My poor little naked tooth was not liking all the exposure it was getting! So now I am a proud owner of a shiny new crown~woo-hoo!! However, I also experienced something new today. What it is like to be that patient that you hear down the hall yelping like a lost puppy dog…well, actually more like howling! I have gone through a LOT of dental procedures-never let out a cry. Nope not once. Until today. I thought I might punch the poor assistant 😦 She forgot that I told her my tooth was very sensitive…so without any novacaine, not even a swab of that stragely flavored numbing stuff, she put this stuff directly on my tooth. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (I believe that is pretty true to my exact words) She quickly grabbed a little cloth and proceeded to wipe the stuff off. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! "Do you want me to rinse it off?" NO  "Are you sure, it’s *insert dental term here*" What is that? "It is burning little holes in you tooth" OH SWEET JESUS Please don’t touch me!!!!

The things I do for a pretty smile. At least I don’t feel quite so much like a redneck anymore! I’s got all mine teeth!


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