One Naked Tooth

Today I am grateful that my tooth is not causing a lot of pain…why? you may ask. Because it has been very naked and it gets cold! Perhaps I should back up a bit, yeah? Okay, about two weeks ago I went to my big-bad dentist to FINALLY get my crown that I broke fixed. So this thing has been without a crown for a looong time, but apparently I got numb to the pain, or some nerves died, who knows?! I just know that it did not hurt. So I am very self-conscience about this tooth and I was finally able to get it fixed. So I go, he drills on it, and drills on it some more, holy kamoley he drills it MORE!!!! After peeling me off of his ceiling he takes a mold and tells me to come back in about a week…my beautiful new crown will be ready and waiting. Yipee! (some think it is odd he did not put a temporary on it—-however, my dentist knows me well enough to know the thing wouldn’t last through the night…I am quite the tooth grinder.) Anywho…I have now been rescheduled THREE times 😦 poor me…and more importantly, poor tooth. It gets kinda cold when your tooth has nothing to wear…all those little nerve endings all exposed, no enamel to protect you from the wicked ways of sugar…and boy oh boy I just LOVE brushing my little naked tooth. *sigh*


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