happy anniversary to us!

Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. 5 years married…8 years altogether. WOW! We have been through a lot in these past years. We have lost friends and gained new ones. We had a "rent-a-kid" for a period of time. We lost an incredible grandfather. Went on an amazing trip to Costa Rica. We survived a cat 4 hurricane and the rebuilding that ensued. We had to put my dog to sleep.  We have developed some amazing bonds with family. We have gone through "richer and POORER". We have remodeled our house into a home. We have caught BIG fish, and lost even bigger ones. We have developed friendships that feel more like family. We made it through the "seven year itch".

We have fought. And we have made up. We have made it through the good and the bad, and we will continue to do so.


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