Marriage Counseling Rocks!

Seriously! It does! I think that some people imagine going into marriage counseling and there are harsh words and tears and accusations. Leave it to me and hubby to do things differently! We seriously enjoy going to see our therapist…do you think that is a sign of how far gone we are?! It is amazing that we go into this little room for an hour and spend out "therapy" laughing and telling jokes, and even talking about South Park…yet we somehow come out with issues resolved. We were discussing our upcoming anniversary (5years) and how we never really celebrate. Therapist said "you need to this year! you have made it through a rocky time! you did it!" You know what? She is so right! We did do it, and through this journey into the dreaded therapy we have learned so much about each other, and we are communicating sooooo much better and we are just loving each other better. Yay for five years!!!

I am thankful for my husband and my marriage counselor *and this should be noted that this is said with NO sarcasm, I really am thankful for them both! đŸ™‚


One Comment to “Marriage Counseling Rocks!”

  1. Yup. It’s true. Therapy can save marriages and lives.

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