Being Grateful

Okay, so perhaps I have been a bit pouty in these posts. Yeah, I have been stomping my feet and popping that lower lip waaay out there. What can I say? Computer stuff really wears on me! I hate feeling dumb, and technology definitely has that effect on me!  However…I do not want to fill this thing with my ranting and raving. I actually have a purpose here (I think). Along with a desire to share my photography with the masses…okay, my one friend-whatever-I need to remind myself to bring it down a notch. I want to not be so pissy and moody and unappreciative of my surroundings. One of the most surprising things I have gained through my growing phography passion is that I am constantly noticing the smaller things in life. I like that. It has reminded me of a gratitude journal idea seen on Oprah -yes, I watch Oprah, what do you have to say about it?!-and I have decided that I need to start documenting my daily gratitudes since there are lots out there-big and small. So starting tomorrow-I am a procrastinator too!-I will begin documenting all the things I am grateful for. See you then!


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